PHOTO-2020-12-14-17-27-08 2.jpg

"This is a photo taken from a car on the motorway near Köln in West Germany in December 2020. The landscape is heavily dominated by energy production technologies and their impacts. Most obvious are the gargantuan lignite mines, the thermal electricity plants which burn coal, and hundreds of wind turbines across the flat Rheinland. Other features which are less obviously related to energy production are large hills which jut prominently out of the landscape as well as lakes - the slag heaps and remediated pits from past mines. This particular image shows wind turbines towering above the road which foreground the steam/smoke emanating from a coal-fired thermal plant in the background, a nice juxtaposition between fossil and renewable energy production technologies. I guess that neither the photo nor the landscape generally make me feel many strong emotions, more of a curiosity and almost dystopian wonderment (although not in a necessarily negative way - if that makes sense). Maybe that says something about the space; it doesn't feel very 'placey' to me."

- Rob